Rodgerick T. Begay

Assistant Attorney General

Rodgerick T. Begay’s mother’s clan is Todik’ozhi (Salt Water); father’s clan is Biih bitoodnii (Deer Spring); maternal grandparents are Kiyaa’aanii (Towering House), paternal grandparents are Tsi’naajinii (Black Streak Wood). Rod grew up on the Navajo Nation in the communities of Whippoorwill, Chinle, and Tselani-Cottonwood. He and his wife have four children. Rod graduated from Chinle High School, Arizona State University, and the University of Tulsa College of Law. He is licensed to practice law in the State of Arizona and the Navajo Nation. Over his seventeen-year legal career, he has held various positions within the Navajo Department of Justice and the Navajo Nation Judicial Branch. He’s currently an Assistant Attorney General and leads the DOJ Chapter Unit where he shares his expertise in Navajo Municipal Law


Lorenzo Curley


Bar License from State of New Mexico Supreme Court, 1995;
Bar License from Navajo Nation Supreme Court, 1995;
Law Degree from University of Arizona;
M.A. from University of Michigan;
B.A. from Brigham Young University
Practice Criminal Law, Trial Law, Navajo Civil Code and Navajo Government Law;
Specialize study in Federal Tax Law and Oil and Gas Law.
Served as Chapter President and Navajo Nation Council Delegate. 2003-2018.
First job after college was Payroll Office Supervisor. 1986-1992.


Cynthia Freeman

Attorney Candidate

Cynthia Freeman is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation. She is Kinyaa’aanii (Towering House), born for Tl’izi lani (Many Goats). Her maternal grandparents are Hask’aa hadzohi (Yucca Fruit-Strung-Out-In-A-Line) and her paternal grandparents are Todich’ii’nii (Bitter Water). She grew up in Cameron, Arizona. She received her Juris Doctorate degree from Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law and her undergraduate degree from Bates College, in Lewiston, Maine. Ms. Freeman is currently a part of the Chapter Unit team that is devoted to providing legal guidance and assistance to the 110 Chapters across the Navajo Nation. Ms. Freeman is currently licensed in the tribal courts of the Navajo Nation, Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, the Gila River Indian Community and the Ak-Chin Indian Community. Cynthia enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and bowling.


Colleen Silversmith

Attorney Candidate

Colleen Silversmith is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation. She grew up in Crystal, New Mexico. She graduated from Northern Arizona University (2006) majoring in Criminal Justice (B.S.) with a minor in Sociology (A.S.). Colleen earned her law degree from the University of New Mexico School of Law with a certificate in Indian Law (2021). Prior to her admission to law school, Colleen worked for the Navajo Nation for approximately 10 years. She is licensed to practice Navajo law and is currently seeking admission to practice in New Mexico.


Lorina Smith

Senior Legal Secretary

Lorina Smith (Navajo) is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation. She grew up in the Tse Bonito, New Mexico and Window Rock, Arizona area on the New Mexico/Arizona boarder of the Navajo reservation. She attended UNM Gallup Branch in Gallup, New Mexico and studied Criminal Justice. She currently works as a Senior Legal Secretary with Rodgerick T. Begay, Assistant Attorney General and two attorneys under the Chapter Unit, she assists the attorneys with the administrative process of the legal service for the 110 Navajo Chapters. She has been with the Navajo Department of Justice (NDOJ) for over 16 years as a Legal Secretary and combined of over 20 years with the Navajo Nation working with other departments before committing to NDOJ. She is Tachii’nii born for Naakai dine’e, her maternal grandfathers are Tl’aashchi’i and paternal grandfathers are Ta’neeszahnii, she a wife and a proud mother of six children.

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